During many years the Company “Wedding lady” works on the production of the wedding dresses and offers good conditions of the co-operation to the wholesale clients. We glad to meet many clients in our office, who want to build strong and serious partnership for the achievement of the high aims in the business. The second important purpose for us is to help to beautiful brides to find the wedding dress of the dream.

We offer qualitative wedding production only, because it is very important for us to propose for our clients fashionable and qualitative wedding dresses too. We also propose very attractive prices and different ways of the payments. We perform every order in a quick way and deliver our production to the customers.


Our Conditions of the Co-operation


From our side we propose the conditions of the co-operation:


-          The minimal offer has to be not less than 3 items of production;

-          Our production team needs  about 10 days to execute the offer from the moment of the payment receiving;

-          In a process of the creation of the order, you need to point the number of the each model, number of the models in the order, colors and sizes.


The Payment and the Delivering of the Production


We propose two ways of the payment for our production. You have an ability to pay for the production in the moment of the delivering or make money transfer to our account. It can be the whole amount for the production or the half of the price. Another half of the amount you will pay in the moment of the delivering.


The delivering of the goods is organized with “New Post” («НоваяПочта»),“InTime”(«Интайм») and with other organizations, which work in Ukraine. If you live in the foreign country, we deliver the order with the post of your country.

To receive the order you need to show your passport and to pay the delivering fee.


From time to time we propose different discounts in case of doing a big offers. We propose to every client special offers and season sales too.